Georgetown Poker Club House Rules

Are rules are designed to provide a safe, clean, and fair gaming environment. If you have any questions on what these rules mean, feel free to ask our team. We are all here to make sure players feel welcomed and are treated with respect.

    1. All decisions/rulings made by the floor are final.
    2. Management reserves the right to make any ruling in the interest of fair play.
    3. Collusion and/or angling is prohibited.
    4. Players must maintain an orderly stack – big chips in front.
    5. English only at the table.
    6. Only cash chips are in play (no cash or donation chips).
    7. Please act in a timely manner or the clock will be called.
    8. No illegal drugs or activities will be tolerated. 
    9. No excessive celebration.
    10. Respect all players and staff.
    11. No smoking or vaping inside of the club.
    12. Smoking in outdoor areas designated in accordance with city ordinances is allowed.

Failure to comply with rules will result in penalty, removal, prosecution, or membership revocation.

Please drive responsibly.